The Skillful Use of Opposites

There’s a saying that’s been around for so long, that it’s almost a cliché: “What you resist, persists”.

We love all the good stuff in our lives, but have a seeming need to get rid of all the bad stuff.

Our thinking about ourselves often reflects this too:

“If only I weren’t so …”
“I should be more …”
“I shouldn’t be …”

We imagine that if could somehow fix these broken or lacking aspects of ourselves, our lives would improve.

But what if we aren’t broken and we don’t need fixing?

What if we were able to adopt a kinder approach to ourselves, and embrace our seeming shortcomings?

No more striving. No more endless and expensive therapy sessions. No more wasting money and time on the latest self-help craze or book.

We live in a world of opposites – and we often welcome the good but avoid or resist the bad.

But right down the middle (or better put for this analogy, at the top) of these opposites or polarities, there is what I call a “fulcrum point”. This point is beyond duality and is neither “good” nor “bad”.

It has been called many things by various traditions: Self, Atman, Awareness, Soul.

Does this mean that we won’t experience these opposites any more? That they’ll magically disappear from our experience? No! But it does mean that the degree of emotional charge will have gone, leaving us free to experience life which is less conflicted and more stress-free.

What does often happen, is that from the fulcrum point, previously unseen opportunities appear in our lives due to us no longer being resistant to “what is”.

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